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Educational Websites

Interactive Lesson Design:

Padlet:  The simple app is a great way to crowdsource info, essentially collecting notes from lots of people in one place. Padlet is Web-based and free.


Nearpod: award-winning platform is used by thousands of schools across the country, transforming classroom engagement. School and district licenses come with additional features and benefits.

Creativity & Presentation

piktochart   Piktochart: An easy app to creates beautiful infographics.



preziPrezi: This is a good, free presentation tool for upper elementary tohigh school students. Cloud based, collaborative, visually engaging, allows for multimedia.


Powtoon: This Web-based tool allows students to create animated presentations. Luhtala acknowledges that it has a steeper learning curve than some tools, but the payoff is pretty cool. There is a free version and an expanded educator version for $6.25/month.


Computer Science & Coding:

Scratch: Lots of elementary school teachers use Scratch to teach rudimentary coding. This tool built at MIT Media Lab allows students to make neat programs, enhancing their coding knowledge as they go. It is Web-based and free.







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